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A Family Legacy

Supplying bulk fuel and lubricants since 1936 under the name of Vacherie Oil Company Inc., Waguespack Oil Company emerged as a result of a name change and generation passed in 1976. Currently owned and operated by the fourth generation, Waguespack Oil Company has been a Conoco jobber since 1958. With humble roots and assets in Vacherie, LA, Waguespack Oil Company has grown to a sizeable operation and inventory in Thibodaux, and operates a satellite office in Laplace, LA.

Waguespack Oil Company strives to be the bulk fuel, lubricant, and diesel exhaust distributor of choice in the retail, marine, agricultural and industrial markets. As the company continues to grow, however, loyalty to its employees and customers remains.

Waguespack Oil Company opened their first convenience store, Wag-A-Pak Inc., in 1983 and has added several more locations, all which feature gasoline and food service, along with everyday convenience items.

Vacherie Fuel Corporation, a subsidiary of Waguespack Oil Company, dates back to 1940 when homes and businesses relied solely on propane for heating and cooking. Vacherie Fuel has now expanded from bulk propane refill to individual bottle exchanges found at retail locations area wide.


Albert J. Waguespack, Sr.


Albert paved the way for the future of Waguespack Oil Company. His work ethic, compassion, and genuine love for family has kept the family business strong and prosperous.

Meet the Team

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