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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid?
    A growing sector of our business is providing Diesel Exhaust Fluid to our customers. We can provide packaged DEF in 2.5-gallon containers. We are also able to provide bulk DEF in 55-gallon drums and 330-gallon totes. For larger loads, our fleet of DEF trucks can provide bulk loads of 1000 gallons plus to areas throughout the southeastern United States.
  • What location does Waguespack Oil service?
    Waguespack Oil is located in Thibodaux, LA with a satellite office in Laplace, LA. We primarily serve the Southeast Louisiana area and are able to provide fuel and oil services through a wider region with our network of trusted providers.
  • What types of fuel does Waguespack Oil Company deliver?
    Waguespack Oil delivers a full array of fuels and products including on and off road diesel, conventional and E-10 (ethanol).
  • What industries does Waguespack Oil Company service?
    Waguespack Oil is proud to serve the agriculture, construction, industrial, and marine industries in our region. We are a partner in our communities.
  • How many Gallons are considered a load?
    A full transport load is around 8,000 gallons; however we are able to deliver nearly any quantity needed.
  • What brands of oil does Waguespack Oil Company Carry?
    Waguespack Oil is a distributor for Philips 66 and Conoco. We carry a full range of their products, and we can get other products that you may require. Call us today to speak with an experienced salesperson to get the right product for your need.
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