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What We Can Do for You

Fuel Contracts

Struggling to budget for the future because of fuel price fluctuations? Wag Oil offers fuel contracts that can help you overcome this challenge. We have a variety of contract options to choose from, so you can find one that fits your needs. With a Wag Oil fuel contract, you'll know exactly what your fuel costs will be each month, year, or years regardless of market prices. This will help you better plan and budget and bid jobs. Contact us today to learn more about our fuel contracts!

Tank Rental

Tank rentals are available for a variety of applications. Tanks can be delivered to job sites, and yards. Contact us and we can help to provide a customized solution for your tank needs.

Tank Monitors

Tank monitors allow Waguespack Oil and you the customer monitor your tank levels remotely. This enables us to schedule deliveries accordingly and prevent runouts.

Bulk fuel delivery

Transport loads of diesel and/or gasoline.

Disaster Response

Standby generators are common place in our area now. Contact us to discuss our disaster response procedures related to your fueling needs.  

Retail Locations

Waguespack Oil owns and operates 5 local convenience stores and truck stops in the south Louisiana region. We are a jobber/dealer for Phillips 66, Marathon and Conoco

Fuel Transfers

Our Coast Guard approved over-water fuel transfers can help get your vessels moving.  

Fuel Inventory Management

Fuel inventory management systems can help you gain historical data of your fuel tracking. Customized reports enable you to bill different jobs and accurately report cost.

Bobtail Delivery

Our fleet of bobtail trucks are able to supply smaller quantities of fuel. From 500-4,500 gallon loads, we are able to quickly service customers in need of fuel.

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We treat all customers as if we are the customer.

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